Farm to Cup Program

Amazing coffee designed for food service.

We extend a warm welcome to partners of all sizes, whether handling hundreds of pounds per week or just a few each month. Recognizing that the true normalization of high-quality coffee involves partnerships both big and small, we embrace all who join us in this endeavor!

Coffee Sourcing & Roasting

Our coffee, is exclusively specialty-grade beans, traceable to the specific farm or group of farms where it was cultivated. Committed to the well-being of the farming community, our origin partners ensure fair wages and ground support a practice not always observed. Following this, we roast our coffee to accentuate its true flavor and honor the hard work of the farmers.

Equipment & Marketing

All our partners are eligible for complimentary or discounted equipment from us. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we enhance efficiency and quality through advanced equipment. Including a FREE grinder for optimal freshness. Additionally, we offer marketing packages tailored to the farms you are serving.

If you're interested in serving Rolling Hills, would like more information including wholesale pricing and what Sysco's stock us, please drop us a line below.

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