Our Story

Since my youth, the narrative of coffee has captivated me. The intriguing journey from farm to cup never failed to mesmerize. Additionally, the practical benefits of caffeine proved invaluable during my Cross Country and Track training. Upon entering campus for my undergraduate studies in 2019, I discovered that indulging in quality coffee was beyond the financial means of a typical college student. Thus, Rolling Hills was conceived.

To address the issue of expensive coffee, I started brewing coffee in my dorm room sink and bottling it. After numerous trials and errors, I perfected an incredible cup of cold brew. When my teammates sampled it, I sensed I had stumbled upon something special. I began filling my backpack and strolling around campus, selling it equipped with a credit card reader. Eventually, we transitioned to a commercial kitchen and expanded our sales to university convenience stores and restaurants. Crafted from 100% Hawaiian coffee beans, we proudly claimed the title of the best cold brew in town!

The success of cold brew underscored the demand for quality coffee on college campuses. This realization provided us with a remarkable opportunity to make a meaningful impact at the source and enhance accessibility to good coffee on college campuses. In the summer of 2022, we initiated the Rolling Hills Farm to Cup program. Our focus revolves around ethically sourced, high-quality coffee freshly ground on-site to achieve the perfect cup. As a result, Rolling Hills is now available through the world's largest food distributor!

In May 2023, we halted our Cold Brew bottling operations to concentrate exclusively on the Rolling Hills Farm to Cup program. Our presence expanded as Rolling Hills was showcased at both SACUBO and NACUBO. Following my graduation from PBAU, we embarked on a journey covering over 45,000 miles since May '23, spreading the word to over 100 colleges about the incredible opportunity to offer exceptional coffee on campus!